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    Tell Me

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    Cant Wait

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    No Lie

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X-Shai Real Official Music Video

About X-Shai

Ernest Abitih AkA Sanda who is know by his stage name X-Shai is a Recording Artist/Songwriter/Designer. Born December 11, 1993 in Mamobi/ACCRA,GHANA. Following his dream to be known as a diverse alternative artist, X-Shai migrated to the United States at age 16.
X-Shai currently residing in Atlanta, GA started writing in January 2017 and quickly recorded his first song “Never Loose” within the same month. Immediately after that he recorded “Can’t Wait” and “No Lie” “LoCo” . Cant Wait got tremendous response and stayed a top ranked and rated number.
X-Shai hit again with “Tell ME” THAT IS THE NEWEST HITS SONG IN TOWN, X-Shai Music has been playing on Various Radio Station in the United States.

There is no doubt he is going to be the next Star in the Music Industry !

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